Just like you I was once wondering if there was anything “out there” for me to be able to work when I wanted.

Something that was spare time, part time and still be able to stay home with my kids while making great money. Is that possible? I found out through a lot of research that it was possible through network marketing—direct sales. I started in 1994 without a bang. I soon discovered that almighty #Fbomb….FEAR! It hit me really hard. I felt paralyzed with fear because I honestly didn’t know where to start and it seemed like no one else did either. I started reading books about network marketing and most of them made me even more discouraged. I didn’t know what they meant by…develop a system…write and practice an elevator speech…be a product of the product….just because it works, does it duplicate? Duplicate…duplicate. What the heck does that mean?

So, I just started and when something didn’t work I did something else and over many years of hitting many walls and learning what not to do as much as what to do it started to click.  I developed a system for duplicating and things started happening in a big way.  I started gaining clarity.  I gained courage and confidence.  Was it hard, yes.  One of the hardest achievements of my life but also one of the most fulfilling.  And, we are all still learning.  Still growing and still inspiring thousands.


I went to everything and anything I could on the industry to learn what it was all about.  I studied leadership.  I’ve read hundreds of books and listened to thousands of audios and videos on personal development, business and motivation.  It is an ongoing study.


If you don’t “get it”.  I am here to help you explore the endless possibilities of what this business can bring you without all the confusing words while having fun all along the way.  I have truly been there and done that. So, let’s now do it together.

I inspire women and men to be great and to believe in themselves while creating real connections with them as individuals. We can build strong businesses no matter what our background or experience is while caring for our families and going after our dreams. We are worth the unlimited income, freedom and fun that this opportunity provides. It just takes support and I am here to provide that.

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