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Question: Hi Pam my question to you is I’m having a hard time writing in words my story it’s about retiring and not having the money in there and I will need so that’s why I started this business for the residual income could you put in words of how I can say it as a story I have been with the company for years now I had nine loyal customers and they all left and now I have one new one but I really want to get this going I turn 62 next month so if you could please help me I would appreciate it
Answer: Thank you for your question and it may seem odd to write a future story about what you want in life as most of us have never been coached or inspired to do so. Your feelings must get involved which means full on emotions so I’m going to ask you to answer these questions and as you answer them your story will start to unfold. Also, we all appreciate that you have been with us for years and stayed the course however in order for this story to come to life, you will not only want to write it but you will want to get into full on action based off the emotions of your new and powerful story.
This is what we want to focus on prior to the writing…
1. What we want? Tip…do not focus on what is happening now and most specifically not on what you don’t want.
2. Go to a quiet place in your home that feels really good.
3. Purchase a nice journal (doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive but it should be really special because this is your story).
4. Go all in. Think big and think bold.
So, what do you want? You want to retire and you want money in the bank. You want to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it so I’m going to give you a starting point and then you must finish it yourself.
“As I turn 62 and start my retirement, I love the business that I have created with It Works and how it is continuing to grow a residual income. I feel so satisfied every day with the number of customers and distributors that I have and they love the results that they are getting. I am adding to my business every day and it is growing so quickly that I just sit back in amazement and most importantly in appreciation. I am so thankful for everything that I have been learning and I feel powerful. This year is the turning point for me. I can feel it. I feel excitement, thrills, unlimited opportunity and I absolutely love what I am doing. I know that I know that I know this is where I am supposed to be and I bask in the glory of it. I am so looking forward to changing more lives and encouraging more people to believe in themselves as I have believed in me. I get up and feel so good. I drink my Keto Coffee and I am ready to go. Each day is different and fun. Look at me and how I’ve grown….”

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