Think of this as the Duck Tape/Blitz Method…What I’ve come to realize is that most of us will spew out way too much information because we are so excited to share this great product. This can be a major turn-off if we go too far! Everyone is a potential prospect so we want to make sure that the words we use are simple and easy for everyone to say and possibly learn later. None of us like to be sold but we all love to buy so most people will be much more receptive if you simply share your story with them! As you talk about the wrap using the Blitz Card tell it as a story by pointing to each picture and phrase on the Blitz Card as you say the words. The only way to practice is by doing, so let’s get this blitzing party started.
Drip: As you hand someone the Blitz Card smile and ask, “Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?” (Stop here and don’t say anything else! Think about blitzing as a gift and you are just giving away a gift which is the opportunity to try the wrap.)
Duct Tape: Move back slightly and allow them space and time to absorb what you just said. (Visualize Duct Tape across your mouth!) Stay silent. Let them look at the card. Remember, they have never heard of a product like this, so they need time to comprehend what you just told them! Also, the first one that speaks is NOT in control. Stay in control with silence and a smile.
Prospect: “What is it?”
Drip: Point to the pictures and words as you say (again this is story telling), “This is what it is and these are all the places you can put it. It is easy to use and you can try it for as little as $25 or you can have a Wrap Party with a few of your friends and try it for free.”
Duct Tape: Stop and breathe. Allow them to read and look at the pictures. Don’t say the name of the product or even the name of the company. Keep it really simple. Allow the card to do the work for you! Again, you might be speaking to a potential distributor so if you use confusing words or talking too much you may lose them because they will think I could never know all that or you just become a complete turn off.
Prospect: “Really, does this work?”
Drip: Flip the card. “Yes, this is what it does.” Point to the pictures and bullets on the back of the card and read them.
Duct Tape: Once again let them absorb what you just said. As they ask more questions, show more pictures. This could be a great time to tell your story of what the wrap did for you along with showing your pictures. Don’t start talking about other products; don’t start talking about the business. Remember your goal is to wrap them.
Prospect: “Can I try it right now?”
Drip: “Absolutely, you can try it right now for as little as $25. (Always be prepared to wrap on the spot!)
NOTE: Practice this method with your team or friends. This works if you keep it simple and remember- Blitzing is supposed to be fun! Gather up a group and Blitz together! You can always be a “stealth blizter” and just drops cards everywhere you go (public restrooms, coffee shops, waiting rooms, dressing rooms, bulletin boards, etc.). No one has to know. Just Blitz!
Baby Blitzer: One of our distributors was at a check-out counter and her two year-old reaches into her diaperbag and pulls out a blitz card and hands it to the clerk. The clerk takes it and the Blitz was done. Keep it simple!
Tip: Refer the Blitz Card to the general public as a Coupon because that this something they can relate to. If you say Blitz Card, you might as well be speaking another language or two and that just might happen this year too (hint…hint)!!! Did I just DRIP on you?
#AskPam I’ve only been a distributor for about 6 months, and I love it! But my problem is I’m having a hard time finding balance! When I started I worked hard and got the Ruby bonus, but I really felt like I was neglecting my children. So I backed off a little to spend more time with my kids (since they are still very young) and my downline stopped working. Out of about 15 DTs on my team I only have 2 that are putting in any sort of effort and I got really discouraged and stopped completely for a few months. But this is something that my family needs, so I need and want to do this, but this time around I want to be balanced with my time. Do you have any tips or tricks?
Every single mom and wife has asked this question. As moms we feel guilty when we are working and guilty when we are not working. I raised two children in this industry and somehow managed to stay married and I wouldn’t change a thing because of the legacy that we have built. And, it gave me something for me. I always wanted to do something on my own but still be with my children and this business allows you to do that. Along with truly rewarding you financially. Where else could you make this kind of money working from home?
So, here are a couple of great tips.
First of all, you are a Work at Home Mom (WAHM) and not a Stay at Home Mom if you are staying home with the kids…if you have a full time JOB and do this part time or spare time then you are still a WAHM too. Establish this first with yourself and then let your spouse and kids know this. Set aside quality time to build your business and quality time for your family. When you are working, WORK. When you are in family time, be with the family…turn your phone off, hide it in the freezer if you have to?‼️Do whatever it takes so that you don’t pick it up all the time. That is what frustrates your family. They see you working all the time when in reality you are scrolling through social media to see what everyone else is doing or you are answering questions that could wait. I told my team when I was available and when I wasn’t. I stuck to that agreement. That agreement kept me sane.
You are in control of your life. Not your business. If you really want this to work, then you must establish the guidelines and stick to them. What others want to see is that you can manage to have it all. When we really show others that we can work this according to our guidelines and still have an incredible family life, more will join.