It’s never about not having enough money, it’s about not using your resources in creating the money that you want to do what you want to do. If you really want to join It Works, I mean really really want it you will find the money. Just think back in your life when you really wanted something, you went after it and you got it. I just read where one of our DTs sold some clothes, old furniture, toys, etc and bought her ONE2018 conference ticket. She is ready for a change. I salute you. That is somebody who is ready to make a huge difference in her life. I hope that I get to hug her.
When I was a stay at home mom which just seems like yesterday, I did whatever it took to bring in extra money. I made lampshades, earrings, babysat, sold advertising, etc. You name it if it was legal, I would step up and do it.
So, what do you say to someone who says they don’t have the money?
How bad do you want it? Stop talking. Really listen. If they start down the road with tons of excuses, they don’t want it. If they stop and give you that look (hungry look) and they say, I want it…then get resourceful. Help them start selling stuff, babysitting, selling prepaid wraps. It’s there if you want it. I hope you say YES!