I’m finding that I have family and even friends that are interested in “trying” a product however, they don’t want to pay retail, of course. They also don’t want to be signed up with an Autoship. Even though I explain they will have flexibility and full control over the autoship. How do I get past this hurdle and sign up more loyal customers??
Sometimes there is a belief within us that we are not aware of when we discuss becoming a Loyal Customer which causes the potential customer to not want to sign up. This belief can be that we are afraid to ask for the 3-month minimum commitment. We could be conveying this belief over in the way that we present the program. We are not as self-assured as we should be. And, then sometimes they just don’t want to commit which is ok too. If you feel that is true for you, then fall in love with this program. Look at all the benefits of being loyal.
Since we don’t want to give our product away and not earn any commissions. And, you are paying for shipping on the product along with your investment in the business which gives you the ability to purchase at a discount in which they are not willing to do. Here’s a simple solution for you.
If someone says they want to purchase at your price without any commitment, then you must stand firm and say that option is not available to them however these two options are:

  1. You can purchase at our retail price of $____. Don’t waiver. Look them right in the eye with the conviction that the product is well worth the price.
    2. You can purchase at our loyal customer price which saves you X amount of money along with being a member which gives you the benefit of earning points towards free product and with your savings it’s like getting a product for free. We will waive the $50 membership fee when you purchase a minimum of one product for 3 months however on month 4 It’s so simple that I can do this for you within minutes.

Then ask, “which would you prefer?” If they still won’t purchase, then they don’t get the product. Don’t back down from this. Let me explain the most important reason why. This friend or family member may one day want to become a DT and if you gave away your product at either your cost or for free, then they will think they will need to do the same thing. This doesn’t duplicate. It may work that you get them to buy at your cost however it can’t be duplicated through everyone. They may not come on board for this very reason.
Stay strong. Build a belief in our LC program and watch you start gathering more customers and building a very strong residual income.

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