I’m a stay-at-home mom. I joined to be able to bring in an extra income from home. My fiancé is not supportive of me at all. He thinks It Works is a scam and a bunch of junk (to say it politely). He doesn’t see the potential at all. I joined in February and have yet to promote. Anytime I bring up anything It Works he always has something negative to say so I don’t even bring it up anymore. I find it very hard to continue without his support. He’s the closest person to me and he is not my cheerleader. He wouldn’t let me go to a OTOM event because he felt I “shouldn’t have to pay my company to go to training” and he’s “still waiting for all this money I’m supposed to be making”. I feel he is hindering my potential with It Works. So my question is what is your advice on continuing and getting past someone who does not support you or what you’re doing in any way?
I would suggest you sit down with him and ask him, “Do you love me?” “Do you support me?” “Do you appreciate me and what I bring to this family?” Once, you get these answers then you need to tell him exactly how you feel. That you are serious about It Works. That you are wanting to change your family legacy however the way that he acts towards you and It Works is hindering that. Ask him, “What bothers you about this?” Then just look at him and wait. Wait for that answer. He will probably not tell you however you must stand firm and ask him for his support because you are doing this. You are going to make it work.
And, so that you know there were and are a lot of spouses that went through this. My husband did not fully support me in the beginning. All he saw was that his wife worked all the time and wasn’t making any money. He could get so mean about this and one day I had it. I asked him those questions and I also asked him if he believed in me. He said, “Yes, I have always believed in you.” Then, I told him to believe in me with this. He stopped being so negative however he didn’t completely get over it until the money started coming in. That’s when everything changed. But, you gotta stay the course. You gotta fight for what you want. You can’t back down. Know what you want and go after it. He will one day stand there crying while you are on stage holding the microphone as you get your Ambassador Diamond Trophy and at that point he will start speaking French to you…”Honey, when are “WE” getting our next paycheck?”
You are a brave women and I can tell that because you are bold enough to ask this question. I will be praying for you. I will be believing in you. You’ve got this.