Congratulations on starting your home based business with us.  We welcome you to the It Works Family.  You have been in two weeks and are already thinking why aren’t people buying? You will be in 20 years and still ask the same question about people.  Look, we really need to understand business.  It’s not built in two weeks.  You are just getting started.  This is brand new to you and to those who you are asking.  You are bringing a brand new unheard of product to your friends & family and they just aren’t going to “buy” the first time you ask them.  You have only wrapped once yourself.  Wrap every 72 hours and post about it.  Inspire people with your results.  Go wrap your mom, sister, best friend, co-workers, boyfriend, husband, dad, etc…get the Wrap on people so you can see for yourself what this product does.  Host a Wrap Party every single week until people start coming.  Don’t think an email or text is going to get someone to buy.  That is a way to inform them that you are open for business.  Call them and invite them to try the product over and over again until they do.  Don’t sell…share your passion & excitement for what you have discovered.  Eventually, people will want it.
It is so easy to give up.  Most people do.  They give up before they really do anything.  So, what do you WANT?  Get a strong vision of how you want your life to change. It Works is the vehicle that you have chosen to change it.  Now, learn.  Watch those that are successful.  Be patient with yourself and those around you.  Don’t listen to anyone that starts saying negative things to you because they don’t know what you know.  Most of all, give yourself time to understand this.  We know you can do it because so many thousands are.  Have fun and love what you do.

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