If it really is your WHY, then you don’t lose it. It cannot possibly go away until it is complete or it’s just not strong enough. Your WHY should cause you to jump out of bed. You should be giddy with the possibilities of making it come true and it should scare you a little to A LOT! It should make you CRY. Seriously, it should be dazzling. Fun. Creative. Interesting. Beyond the beyond of what you have thought about before.
My WHY were my two children. When I first started in Network Marketing in 1994, Adam was 10 and Kaye was 7. Dave kept telling me I needed to get a J.O.B. I didn’t want one. I wanted to be home with my kids as much as I wanted to breathe. I dreamt at first to make $1,000 per month. If I could just get there, then I could continue to stay home with the kids. Here is how it went:
1st Month Earnings $15.78
2nd Month Earnings $203.00
3rd Month Earnings $748.00
4th Month Earnings $1,002.00
I did it. I achieved my WHY! So, now WHAT? Make a bigger WHY. When my Sponsor called and asked me what my 5th Month check was, I told him it’s close to my 4th Month earnings. He said, how come? I am thinking, “Well, I achieved my goal of $1,000 per month!” He said, “You were doubling and tripling your checks before why don’t you keep doing that?” I seriously asked him do you think I can? That is how “small” I was thinking even though that amount by no means is small but I hadn’t grown beyond that. I thought about it all day. It actually stung to think about it. So, I said ok I am going to double it and I did the very next month. Was I afraid? Yes, but something told me to just keep going.
Here’s what I would recommend you do. Get a notebook, journal, piece of paper. It’s better if you write this out by hand. Get really quiet and make sure you don’t have any distractions. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” “What do I want out of my It Works Business?” Just sit in that and it will come to you. Start writing and keep writing and imagine what it would be like to have it. Write that out too. What would it be like to have X amount of money deposited into your checking account each month? How would that feel? Get the emotions wrapped around it. Words like. Freedom. Ease. Fun. Exhilarating. Giddy. Skipping. Laughing. Crying. Ice Cream (not an emotion but that can work too).
Have fun with this and never give up on yourself. Your Why continues to grow as you do and believe me I have some powerful ones this year and they do scare me but I know that I know that I know I will be ok with them coming true. I will be GIDDY and shaking with excitement.
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